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Topsoil Shop are specialist Wolverhampton topsoil suppliers who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the highest quality product. Our Wolverhampton topsoil company supplies organic compost and topsoil in a number of grades and blends to reflect the needs of any home or business, and we deliver your order right to your doorstep. Our topsoil is also available in a variety of quantities to make things easier, from 25kg bags to 1 tonne bulk bags and various other loads, available throughout Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas. Our topsoil service doesn’t stop in Wolverhampton though; Topsoil Shop are a UK wide company with a team who are dedicated to delivering strong customer service and consistent quality throughout. We produce our very own organic compost and topsoil so we can be absolutely sure we're delivering a perfect product every single time. From economy infill soils to our finest specialist blends, we’ve got the solution for you and your landscape.

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About Topsoil Shop

Topsoil shop was founded in 1999 and had one main objective: to recycle. We diverted the thousands of tonnes of waste pegged for use in landfills and re-used it to make quality gardening and landscape materials. Our reputation as leading Wolverhampton topsoil providers matured over years of excellent customer service and our staff work hard to ensure our compost and topsoil are still supplied at the absolute highest industry standard. We’re very careful in selecting our materials, and pride ourselves on using only selected soils from virgin site clearances rather than skip waste soils like so many other companies. All of the topsoil produced at Topsoil Shop is delivered to the highest BS3882 standards, and we test and analyse every batch before fulfilling an order. We also offer our customers complete peace of mind by sourcing our soil from sustainable sources and almost every one of our batches carries a BS 3882 certificate - if you'd like a copy for your records simply mention it to our sales team.

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Topsoil Shop are owned and operated by Quality Garden Supplies Ltd, the UK's premier supplier of quality garden and landscape materials. If you're looking for organic compost or topsoil in Wolverhampton or the surrounding areas, contact us today on 0871 971 0988 or email our friendly sales by clicking here. Need a large amount of topsoil? Don't worry, give us a call and we'd be more than happy to discuss your order and delivery options.  

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