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Give your borders a winter holiday

We’ll all be catching up on some rest over the winter break, but how can you help your garden get 2019 off the best possible start?


By mulching you can help improve drainage in your beds and borders, boost fertilisation and insulate your plants from frost damage. Using different materials for mulching can offer different effects: using bark chips can offer excellent protection from cold, while a sandier mulch can improve drainage and reduce moisture build up. Mulch can be anything- from dead plants to grass to stones. One useful tip: after the big day has passed use the branches of your Christmas tree! Pine needles are also an excellent compost for acid-loving plants.


Composting is a great solution for building fertility in your soil, using the winder months to recover from a year spent growing your plants. Use the right compost for your soil pH and build the right growing environment for 2019’s plants. Unlike mulch, you won’t need to remove the compost after the last winter frost.


 Cover your borders for the winter to protect from frost and allow your plants to rest without sustaining damage from frost. There are plenty of materials available to use, of varying thicknesses and weights, and you can also use gardening fleece to wrap vulnerable plants for added protection off the ground. Alternatively, a cloche or small polytunnel will keep the frost off your plants without limiting sunlight. You will need to check your plants continually however, for moisture build up, insects or weeds.


Whatever you’re planning for your garden this winter, you can rely on the Topsoil Shop for all your supplies. We test all our products on the farm to ensure you only get the very highest quality materials. View our shop or speak to our team today to learn more about how we can help your borders and beds enter 2019 healthier than ever.