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“What’s in my topsoil?”


Gardeners everywhere rely on topsoil to support their gardens and allotments. But what’s actually in bought topsoil?


Nitrogen is a great plant fertiliser in low concentrations. All plants rely on nitrogen for healthy stems and leaves- so getting a steady, healthy supply is a perfect start for your plants. Plants require more nitrogen than any other nutrient, and for general health and growth you should consider nitrogen the main ingredient. However too much can cause serious harm to your plants- so make sure you water frequently and follow guidelines if adding any extra.  


Magnesium is vital for photosynthesis, and without it leaves will begin to wilt and die. Magnesium shortages often occur in tomato plants, where more erinaceous-friendly potassium feeds interfere with magnesium uptake.


Potassium is not just great for humans, it can help plants develop healthy fruits & leaves, by promoting water uptake, stimulating enzyme production, and boosting synthesis. Plants can’t thrive without a plentiful source of potassium, and will grow to be stunted, discoloured and less resilient than normal.


Unlike the other ingredients, phosphorus is beneficial for root formation, and though uncommon, in heavy rain it does happen. Without healthy roots, the plant will develop slowly, off-colour and vulnerable to bad weather.

If you’re considering using topsoil to boost your plants, these nutrients should be on the list of ingredients. The Topsoil Shop is the UK’s best bulk topsoil delivery service, combining affordable, great quality topsoil with an easy online ordering & local home delivery network to make it easier than ever to help your plants thrive. 


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