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Topsoil Erosion


Using quality topsoil in your garden, such as the organic topsoil available from Topsoil Shop, is a vital component of plant growth. There are many reasons for this, with the most prevalent being that it contains the highest concentration of micro-organisms and organic matter, making it the area of soil where the vast majority of biological activity happens. As a result, this is where a plant will have most of its roots bedded in order to ensure that it gains as many vital nutrients as possible. However, there is a considerable environmental issue known as topsoil erosion which is severely threatening the amount of good quality topsoil in the world.

Topsoil erosion is the process of the topsoil layer degrading due to it being washed or blown away, and can also caused by a number of conventional farming practices, given that yearly ploughing and replanting of soil is actively encouraged. There is a serious concern amongst experts that given the current rate of deterioration, the amount of quality topsoil left in the world will only last around 60 years. This is because an inch of topsoil can take anywhere between 500-1000 years to form naturally. Chemical farming processes are known to remove large amounts of carbon from the soil, making it less nutrient-rich and damaging its structural integrity, which also results in less water being absorbed by the soil. This could lead to a situation wherein more food is required due to an increasing global population, and yet we may not be able to produce enough due to reduced levels of soil productivity.

There are numerous different solutions which have been proposed, including moving to more widespread organic farming techniques, and by adopting no-till farming (where there is a reduced the amount of soil disturbance). Topsoil Shop sell excellent quality topsoil for your garden in order to improve the quality of plant growth - browse our complete range and buy topsoil online today!


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