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Top Soil for Rock Gardens


Rock gardens are a popular choice amongst many gardeners, particularly for areas which are not flat and have a certain amount of incline to them. They do not require a lot of space and alpine plants tend to flourish in this environment, ensuring that it is relatively simple to achieve the appropriate conditions to create a natural-looking rock garden. Maintenance is also minimal, and since many rock plants are reasonably hardy against the cold, you should be able to upkeep a colourful outdoor space all year round.

The best time of year to start a project such as this is during the autumn or winter, when there's less to be doing in a conventional garden. However, spring is the best season for planting given the range of plants available at this time of year. It also allows them establish themselves before the winter, increasing their chances of survival through the cold months. Choose somewhere with as much direct sunlight as possible, away from any overhanging branches, and with excellent drainage (unless you are building on a sloping surface). Select stone which is local to the area you live, since it will be easier to obtain and not look so out of place, using the larger rocks as 'keystones' to build out from.

Getting the right topsoil is an important part of any gardening project, and rock gardens are no exception. We have a wide range of organic topsoil for sale, which will be used to form the top layer of the garden, as well as being worked in between and underneath the stones in order to hold them in place and encourage plants to grow between them. Once you've finished bedding in your rocks, you can move onto planting. Topsoil also forms an essential part of the planting mix, along with horticultural grit and leaf mould in equal parts. Ensure to place and water the plants in their pots to allow them to establish their roots before removing them.

It is vital to buy the correct topsoil for your garden, and as specialist topsoil suppliers, we will no doubt have what you need. Use our topsoil calculator if you're unsure on how much to buy, and if you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us for advice on how to choose the right topsoil for your requirements.


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