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Spring Sowing Guide


As we move out of the cold dark days of winter and into the prosperous spring season, now is the time to start buying your screened topsoil and sowing seeds for the spring. Getting a good start to the season will mean you will be able to reap the benefits of the warm and wet weather ahead.  Find out what you need to cover your seeds up with, as the topsoil will need to be warmed before sowing. You could also bring your seed trays inside and sow them indoors, keeping them safe from the cold weather.

Though sowing options are still fairly limited at this time of the year, because of the remaining cold weather, not all seeds will be able to survive. However, here are just a few of the best vegetables to sow in the next month:


Also known as the eggplant, the aubergine is a fruit that originates in south-east Asia (commonly mistaken for a vegetable). Sow the seeds undercover first, and then plant in soil later in the month when there is less of a risk of snow. In 4-5 months the aubergines should have shiny skins, when the skin is white underneath the calyx.

The good thing about aubergine is that it can tolerate fairly cold temperatures, so they are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor growing. However, in the first two weeks of germination you will need to protect the small seedlings from any cold weather and wind, so it’s probably best to keep them indoors for that initial period.

Summer Cabbage

February is the earliest point of the year that these versatile vegetables can be sown, which contain high amounts of vitamins. Sowing your seeds now will mean that your cabbage should be ready and fresh for summer.  For best results its best to sow the seeds under glass, to protect them from any cold snaps or frost that may occur as the winter draws to a close.

But be wary of pests such as caterpillars, butterflies and flies, as they are prone to damaging cabbages.


Potatoes are usually grown from “seed potatoes” that are sprouted before planting. Febuary is the start of the potato season, if you continue sowing the seeds from now, you can have a steady supply of the staple food throughout the year. Early February is the best time to invest in seed tubers, plant them first into egg boxes rose end up in a frost free location.  If you sow during this time the potatoes should be ready to plant by mid-March.


Getting the right Topsoil


For all of these varieties it is important that you have the right topsoil, if you have any questions regarding pH levels, or the suitability of the soils we offer, do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team. 

We have a wide range of loose topsoil to choose from to help you find the best one for your garden. Our range of organic topsoil and other varieties will help your garden to flourish by providing the appropriate nutrients and the correct pH balance. The pH of topsoil can affect the way different plants grow, contact us for more information on how topsoil type affects your plot.


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