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Soil Pollution

Like other things in nature, soil suffers from pollution. Soil Pollution is predominantly caused by manmade waste.

Dead plants; rotten fruit; rotten vegetables and other natural waste contribute to increasing fertility in soil, yet man made waste contains chemicals that are detrimental to soil fertility.

Some chemicals that are a bi-product of manmade waste infiltrate the soil and decrease soil fertility and soil yield. These harmful chemicals that get into the soil can then be apparent in the fruit and vegetables that the soil produces and can cause serious health problems for those who consume them.

The chemical structure and balance of the soil is also altered by unnatural chemicals and this has a generally negative effect on the growth of plants, sometimes they do not grow at all and in areas of poverty this can lead to widespread famine.

The main causes of soil pollution in top soil are industrial and agricultural activity; waste disposal including accidental oil spills; and acid rain. Industrial waste stays in the soil for an extended amount of time and can make it unusable.

It is important that you make sure when you buy top soil you do not contribute to it becoming polluted through any of the processes discussed. What’s more it is also important to make sure that you buy topsoil that has not been polluted. Purchasing bagged topsoil from topsoil suppliers means you are getting the best topsoil, void of any kind of pollution.

All the soils available at topsoil suppliers Topsoil Shop are finest quality and checked to stringent and rigorous standards so that you can be sure you are getting exceptional topsoil, free of any unwanted chemicals and pollutants.



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