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Improving Drainage with Quality Top Soil


Topsoil holds an abundance of nutrients and organic matter, and is essential to creating and maintaining lush lawns and improving drainage. Blending topsoil into an area that tends to hold water should help improve the drainage of a location.

The top soil for sale on our website is excellent quality and nutrient rich. Topsoil is a sound investment to ensure your garden does not become a swamp during intense precipitation and our topsoil prices are incredibly reasonable.

Combining organic matter and a predominantly sand­based topsoil is a good way to alleviate drainage issues. We recommend taking a look at our sands and top dressing and combining with a compost or ground pine bark.


Do as little to disturb plants roots as possible. When attempting to improve draining do not remove plants and replace them afterwards, and revise the existing soil before planting. The pH level of soil can change when you add new topsoil so be sure to do a soil test first. By doing a soil test you will know if the pH needs to be altered before planting grass or other plants.

In winter freezing temperatures lock moisture in the soil; when the warmer temperatures come back around this releases a steady stream to the lower ground creating bog-like conditions. If this is occurring with your lawn choose moisture loving plants to soak up excess water.

Areas that are consistently damp rather than drenched are easy to amend and generally low maintenance. Again, simply seek to create moisture loving plants and turn the area into a bog garden.

One way to deal with drainage issues is to consider building a ledge or a trench to deflect run­off water away from your lawn. We have a range of high quality stainless steel UK­manufactured bed kits that can help resolve drainage issues in a similar fashion.

If you need help with improving drainage contact our friendly, expert team and we can give you specific advise about how to deal with your drainage issues, whether it's using top soil or other methods.

We also have a great topsoil delivery service for you to get topsoil delivered straight to your door at a time that suits you. Contact us today for more information.


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