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Topsoil calculator for raised beds: topsoil calculator metrics made easy


Our topsoil calculator makes finding the ideal amount of topsoil for you easier than ever! 


  1. How do you give your plants a boost without resorting to chemical fertilisers? Natural topsoil from our store offers superior blend of nutrients and drainage formula to enhance your plants’ development and help them thrive.


    There are lots of ways you can help your plants prosper: nowadays more and more options exist that allow you to keep you garden organic if you choose.

    Use our topsoil calculator to ensure your order matches the needs of your project

    Many of these options involve naturally conditioning the soil to boost fertility, rather than feeding or treating the plant with chemicals. Compost and topsoil both help create a more fertile garden while improving the water dispersal within the soil structure, feeding the root systems and nurturing growth.

    Topsoil from Topsoil Shop contains the perfect blend of sandy, loamy and peaty soils adapted for specialist growing tasks to ensure you get the best out of your soil.

    Using topsoil to enhance your beds can promote the healthy growth of a wider range of flowers without synthetic fertilisers. However understanding the types and quantities needed to boost growth is vital to achieving the right balance of topsoil. Luckily, our topsoil calculator helps you assess the ideal quantity you need for your project.

    Our innovative topsoil calculator lets you measure the volume of topsoil needed according to the dimensions of your plot, thereby ensuring value for money: though topsoil keeps, you want to make sure you aren’t ordering far more than you need.

    To asses exactly how much topsoil you need, visit the page for our topsoil calculator. For raised beds, simply measure the dimensions of your bed and enter the relevant information into the fields to get a precise measure of how much you need.

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