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Topsoil Calculator

How Much Topsoil Do I Need?

This is one of the most asked questions by gardeners looking to buy topsoil. Topsoil is most often sold by the metric tonne (1000kg), but the easiest way to calculate the quantity of topsoil required is by volume (cubic metres or litres).  

Try using our Topsoil Calculator below to work out how much topsoil you need.

topsoil calculator how to work out topsoil you needA = B = Units

Depth = Units

Total = (Bulk Bags of Topsoil)

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How do I Calculate Volume?
It is easiest to calculate volume in cubic metres or litres. To do this simply measure the length, width and depth of the area you need to fill with soil in metres and multiply the three figures together to get the volume in cubic metres.

So… how many tonnes to the cubic metre? As a general rule a tonne of screened topsoil equals around 750 litres (0.75 cubic metres) or 1.3 tonnes to the cubic metre. It should be noted that blended topsoil may be less dense and therefore closer to 900 litres or even 1 cubic metre to the tonne.

Now simply divide the volume in cubic metres by the cubic metre per tonne figure.
I.e If I need 9 cubic metre of screened topsoil. 9 divided by 0.75 = 12 tonne.