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Caring for your lawn and garden this Autumn

As the warmer months come to end, how can you protect your garden in the coming months?

Summer can take its toll on your garden so naturally September is the time to provide it with a little aftercare and rejuvenation. It’s always important to ensure that your lawn is very from debris such as fallen leaves or moss that can damage your lawn even further.

As moisture increases it may also be wise to puncture your lawn every six inches or so to assist with drainage. After you’ve done this, using a 50/50 mix of sand and compost, fill these holes to help provide further nutrients to your soil.

These are just basic steps that might not have crossed your mind when you think about caring your garden now that summer is sadly almost over.

One final thing to consider may be nourishment for your lawn. Many stockists provide a compost solution that’s optimised for best use in autumn, and as it turns cooler. Stay away from the temptation to use a spring fertiliser as this will force your leaves to grow too soft and thus be prone to disease.

For products and further advice that will help with your turf all year round, always remember we’re here at the Topsoil Shop.

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