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Introduction to The Topsoil Shop's Topsoil Calculator Tool



 Stuck wondering “how much topsoil do I need this year?” every spring? It can be an expensive decision, and very often guesstimating can lead to disaster.

How do I calculate how much topsoil I need?

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and when embarking on your projects it can be hard to know exactly how much you need. But ordering too much can fill your shed with unwanted sacks of topsoil- plus the price of topsoil per tonne can make this a costly error. On the other hand, order too little and your plans can unravel before they’ve begun. Using our innovative topsoil calculator you can know exactly how much you need, with just a tape measure.

Step one: How much topsoil do I need for each project?

Plan ahead for the topsoil you require- this will depend on what plants you want to grow. Some plants will thrive in acidic topsoil, others prefer a more balanced, loamy soil. Consider what areas you want to dedicated to these plants, and how much sunlight you can provide utilising different areas. A carefully laid out garden is a much more pleasant space to work in and can be much more productive.

Be sure to assign enough space to each plant. When at seed or seedling stages, it’s vital to allow plants enough space to grow. The seed packet or the various sources of gardening advice specialist to the type of plant can be a key source of information on how much space each will require. Just as you will need to know the amount of area, remember that different plants, and different planting times, require different depths of topsoil- in raised beds especially this can be vital. Tomatoes and pumpkins require more depth than cabbage or potatoes, for example. Consider as well the number of plants you intend to grow- if growing vegetables this can be especially important. Remember the price of topsoil can be a factor here- you may need to revisit your estimates later if you require more than your budget allows.

Step two: Topsoil Shop can help calculate topsoil requirements for your garden

Measure the spaces you need. This will require a measuring device such as a measuring tape or metre ruler, as it’s best to be exact. Estimating could lead to a slight error that would be repeated over and over again when calculating total volume for an allotment or large bed. Remember to decide the depth you need for each bed as it will be needed to calculate the total volume needed.

Enter it into our topsoil calculator and follow the instructions using the measurements you’ve taken. Hit ‘calculate’ and your topsoil requirements should all become clear! Each bag equals a tonne of topsoil, which can be delivered to you on a pallet.

Remember to visit our topsoil pages for great topsoil prices per tonne in our bulk bags. 


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